Thursday, July 19, 2007

NHRA Countdown to the Championship

We have been working with Valusoft and THQ over the winter and it is finally making its debut in August. It is called NHRA Countdown to the Championship for the Playstation 2 and the Playstation Portable.

This is a total upgrade for the NHRA games, new drivers, new paint jobs, and more. Top Fuel cars, Funny cars, and Pro Stock cars are there with the addition of Pro Stock Motorcycles to the PS2 version.

Both the PSP & PS2 versions have the Pro Stock Motorcycles, only the PSP can roar down the track in firebreathing, 300 MPH jet cars in dragsters, funny cars, and bikes with 20 different paints, to include the INVADER!! The unique car handling physics and tuning properties of the jets adds a new degree of challenge and variety with fireballs, glowing jet exhaust, and lens flares to boost the visuals.

Also you car mix and race ANY class vehicles against each other! Jets verus Funny Cars, Bikes against Top Fuel or any combination! These features are only on the PSP version!!!


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